About Yae Won

My name is Yae Won and I would like to extend an invitation to the Healing Inner Stigma Playground, where you are invited to come as you are and discover the impact of the stigma that people- or even yourself- may have placed on your life based on your disability.

As a counsellor who identifies as a person of colour and disabled, I offer counselling to people and families experiencing stigma due to the intertwined realities of ableism and other oppressions. This is also a playground for those who want to nurture and grow their ability to be allies.

I invite you to the Healing Inner Stigma Playground to discover some of the stigmas that have impacted your life. Healing Inner Stigma provides a therapeutic space for clients from a disability justice perspective using person centered focused approach to support you to identify the impact of social stigma on your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.